Evalion (former SHL Greece) was established in 1991 by SHL, a pioneering UK based international company in the field of occupational psychology, as SHL Greece. After almost 25 years of working with a wide range of organisations, Evalion adds value to organizations by combining specialised scientific knowledge, creativity and technical expertise in the solutions offered in the assessment of people.  Apart from the wide range of standard assessment tools offered, it is the only occupational psychology company operating in Greece, which can develop and provide customised solutions regarding human resources assessment. These solutions can contribute, in a scientific way, to the diagnosis of potential, the development of self-awareness and the improvement of work behavior and performance. Added to that, Evalion is the first company that introduced and incorporated psychometrics in human resources management procedures in Greece. The assessment tools Evalion provides for people’s assessment fulfill all the requirements of objective assessment, indicating high reliability and validity scores. Evalion offers its services and products in Greece, Cyprus, Middle East and Balkans.

Evalion remained a subsidiary company of SHL for approximately 15 years, and now operates as an independent company, maintaining its close collaboration with SHL. SHL is one of the world leaders in the area of objective assessment of competencies and their components (abilities, personality, motives, interests, etc.). SHL conducts more than 25 million assessments a year, in more than 30 languages. It has presence in more than 50 countries (USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia/New Zealand), while its tools are used in 150 countries. SHL portfolio of products includes more than 1,000 tests, questionnaires and simulation exercises.

Facts & Figures:

  • Evalion has developed and standardised more than 250 assessment tools for selection or development.
  • It has introduced and standardized OPQ in the Greek market; one of the worlds’s most widely used occupational personality questionnaires, which has been completed by more than 20,000 people to date.
  • Evalion has assessed more than 15,000 people, in the last 5 years, for recruitment, promotion or development purposes.
  • Evalion has assessed more than 2,000 executives, through assessment and/or development centers, in the last 5 years, for development and/or career management purposes.
  • It has conducted around 20,000 online assessments using ability tests or questionnaires, the last 3 years, while it is the first company that rolled out the online assessments in Greece.
  • Its clientele includes more than 400 organisations of different size and industry, from the private and the public sector.
  • Following the British Psychological Society guidelines, Evalion has trained and certified more than 2,000 HR executives in the proper use of assessment methods, leading a significant number of organisations to become self-sufficient users of psychometric tools and simulation exercises.